In the beginning

Ok so my music career started along time ago. I always loved music but back in the day if you liked music you had to play in the nerdy school band and the coolest instrument was the drums, no guitar or bass at the time. Like many parents mine said no way to the drums they were too loud. Some how I ended up with the Trombone, ok stop laughing yes it sucked and so did I,  but it did get me out of grammer school class and some extra free time for myself during that long day of school. I was able to skip my class and hang out in the cafeteria instead of going to practice for about two years until my parents said one day we can't wait to see you in the Memorial Day Parade marching with the band. I knew then that my scam was over but I gave it a good try I showed up for band practice one day right before the parade and the instructor looked at me and said where have you been son? I told him I had a broken hand and could not play but I was ready to get into my tbone. To make a long story short I just sucked at the tbone and the instructor knew it an offered me a position holding the banner in the parade and thats when I quit. I figured that going to class was better then playing the tbone so unfortunately I disappointed my parents but I did get better grades after that.

My first guitar

I did not get my first guitar until I was out on my own. It was a Kramer aluminum neck split head guitar. It was a sweat looking boat anchor that needed to stay at the same temperature constantly or it got out of tune but it was solid and had some killer sound. I ended up retrofitting it with some heavy metal pick-ups which lasted me for many years. I still have that guitar most of the songs on my first album originated for that guitar.

The early years

I learned to play guitar from a friend of mine,  who lived across the court yard from me in our condo complex "the village". He was a good guitarist who had his own unique norther Rock style which I am sure is reflected in some of my music. We partied and played for many years occasionally getting to gether with other musicians. I mostly played rhythm guitar and he played lead. During those years we never had a drummer only a Roland TR 505 drum machine which did the job. I wrote a lot of rhythms back in those days but I did not have a lot to say when it came to producing lyrics.

The Fam and my paying job

I married my highschool sweetheart and we are raising a beautiful family. I had industrial disease for about 15 years, started a business because I decided I can't work for the man. I finally bought myself some time now to pursue my passion, pure Rock and Roll !!!!!!!

That was then this is now

I will try not to bore you guys too much with history but to make it short and sweat. Now I finally have the time to focus more on my music again. Life's experiences and hard paths to this stage of my life have given me the words to these rhythms I have in my head and have played for years. All those dreams of playing my music on stag are  here again so I hope you enjoy my music. I have so much material and music I need to get into recording.  I am finally set up with a home recording studio which I use for just demo production. I have my first album demo close to completion and ready for mixing and then into production in the early Spring hopefully. I am also getting ready to get the band "Gatmob" together once I get the album mixed. This may take some time because I know exactly what I want in my band members. So hold tight for a few months as I get this together. I will be releasing some material through myspace or sound cloud soon.


Rese ;)